What Endures

I have been thinking about what endures in Life.

What is it that sustains us, holds us through difficult times and possibly changes us making us feel good inside inspire of everything life throws at us? What is it that will go on, always be there?

My answer to this question is two fold:the one is displayed in this book and the other is my relationship with my friends and family. Both provide and are like two pillars alongside me.

These black & white images are of the Lake District, a part of the country I have enjoyed for 4 decades. I regard it as a spiritual home, a place of quiet that infects and affects me. It begins when I leave the M6 and see the dry-stone walls characteristic of the area.

The images are not of the dramatic landscape of the area but simply where I have been recently where the shape and form of the landscape is further defined by man-made walls. Nature and Man together.

The relationships of family and friends make me a fortunate woman. In particular my sisters and I share a heritage that binds us. We are like the Three Musketeers- ‘One for all and all for one’.


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